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 From HIDDEN FIGURES starring Octavia Spencer

Whistle-blowers. Truth-tellers. Underdogs.

My favorite films have always been about tenacious fighters whether their battles be political or personal. My goal is to make a hard-hitting thriller that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats and their hearts full of hope. Though Lilly Ledbetter’s political achievements are the architecture upon which the narrative of the film is framed and the issues of Fair Pay and Gender Equity are clearly thematic pillars, my focus as a filmmaker is the personal and psychological cost of Lilly’s relentless struggle. I will paint a portrait of a woman who - without education or resources, suppressed by her time and place, thwarted by one repressive patriarchy after another - finds it within herself to confront multiple monolithic institutions, transforming into the woman she was always meant to be.

I've been shepherding this project since 2012 and am so greatly appreciative of all the incredible producers, investors and philanthropists who have joined me in this journey, mostly I might add, mature women. Making this film has truly been a labor of love and an example of "persisterhood."


LILLY is a story about radical resilience. I'm deeply honored that Lilly has entrusted me to bring her story to the world and thrilled that Patricia Clarkson will bring her to life onscreen.

Here I am being interviewed about Lilly Ledbetter and LILLY the movie.

Rachel Feldman - Producer/Writer/Director 


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