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From NORTH COUNTRY starring Charlize Theron


LILLY is a political drama based on the extraordinary life of Lilly Ledbetter, an Alabama wife and mother who waged a Herculean battle against a corporation and then Congress - defending gender equity - initially for herself and then for others. Growing up without electricity or running water, picking cotton at the age of eight, Lilly was determined to elevate her own family into the middle class. Initially thrilled to land a job at the Goodyear Tire Company, when she discovers that the company has been cheating her for twenty years - simply because of her sex - a rage awakens that cannot be quieted until she finds justice. 

Watch a video about Lilly Ledbetter here.


A story of radical transformation, we are thrilled to have the brilliant, Academy Award-nominated actor Patricia Clarkson starring as Lilly Ledbetter, with Josh Lucas as her beloved husband Charles Ledbetter, and Thomas Sadoski as her dedicated attorney, Jon Goldfarb.  

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act of 2009 was the first piece of legislation signed by President Obama. While many are familiar with Lilly’s political achievements, few know the suspense, heartbreak, and euphoria of her personal journey. LILLY is the kind of socially relevant prestige drama adapted from truth and developed for maximum emotion, that can soar at the box office, garner awards, and affect culture.


A truly independent feature film, the entirety of the film’s budget has been raised via both equity investment and non-profit contributions through like-minded individuals and accomplished producers committed to illuminating Lilly’s courageous struggle for gender justice. Shooting in Atlanta Fall 2022, LILLY is represented by Mr. Smith for worldwide distribution.  

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